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At Deutsche WindGuard's Wind Tunnel Centre, we are experienced experts for measurement, testing, calibration and research in our eight specialized wind tunnels. Where additional know-how from other fields is required, we cooperate with specialist companies and organizations that support us with their expertise. This way, we ensure having the right experts and the most suitable equipment on board for your specific task.

In addition, you benefit from reduced administrative efforts, since we organize the involvement of the cooperation partner without charging you any commissions. Even if several cooperation partners are involved in your measurement campaign, WindGuard remains your single contact.

Find out more about our cooperations here.


Our cooperation

In WindGuard’s aeroacoustic wind tunnel, we test highly refined models, sensors and prototypes. A combination of CFD modelling and wind tunnel tests offers significant advantages. A CFD-Wind Tunnel synergy is used by practically all our customers nowadays.

The Aerodynamic Simulations of AirShaper facilitate the following tasks:

  • First-round comparison of different design candidates
  • Identification of aerodynamic focus areas
  • Placement of pressure sensor on models
  • Initial noise-source estimation
  • Interpretation of wind tunnel data using flow visualization
  • Data presentation for decision makers and marketing

An independent partner such as Air Shaper helps our customers get more out of their wind tunnel tests. 

If you would like to learn more about the service spectrum and pricing structure visit: AirShaper >>>

Me-go GmbH

Our cooperation

When the wind-induced, 3D deformation of the model is of primary interest, WindGuard Engineering cooperates with Me-go GmbH. The coupling of wind tunnel data (wind speed, pressures, forces and acoustics) with geometrical and/or vibrational data is essential to understand the fluid-structure interaction of flexible components.

This cooperation allows you to have access to state-of-the-art optical measurement equipment and services in our wind tunnel. You benefit from synergies and years of experience in both fields. The permanently installed optical windows and camera supports ensure short setup times.

About Me-go

Me-go GmbH develops optical 2D measuring systems for image correlation and distributes 3D systems from GOM. Me-go's services in the field of digital image correlation and 3D scanning include component digitization and CT scanning. Further information: Me-go >>>

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