Acoustic Airfoil Measurements

Measuring Airfoil noise in a closed test section –especially trailing edge noise- is particularly challenging.

Our wind tunnel in Bremerhaven is specifically acoustically optimized and equipped with a recently improved microphone array. The low noise level test section combined with the 80 microphones in the array form a unique facility for airfoils with 900mm chord to allow measurement and detection of sound sources at Reynolds numbers of up to 6 million. Our acoustic measurement capabilities are not restricted to 2D airfoil measurements. They can also be applied for the analysis of wing tips (winglets) and in many other cases in which the detection of sound sources is necessary.


Geometry of microphone array designed by PSA3 Pieter Sijtsma Advanced AeroAcoustics B.V.,

Acoustic measurements are performed in cooperation with BIMAQ Bremer Institut für Messtechnik, Automatisierung und Qualitätswissenschaft,

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